Foods That Burn Fat

Good nutrition is a big part of any fitness endeavour. I prefer to use the term 'Good Nutrition' rather than the word 'Diet.' Diet just sounds like hassle to most people, hassle and pain, and to be honest it is. They also don't work. The very definition of the word means, a severe restriction of calories that is temporary.
Diets are always temporary, so that means you have to come off them at some point, and that's when the problems begin. You have triggered the body's starvation response, because you have restricted your caloric intake. This evolutionary throwback, from a time when humans didn't know where the next meal was coming from, was great for our ancestors, but not so great for today's modern society, where food is fast, fat ladled and plentiful. These days it's just a hindrance to any person trying to shed the pounds.
The key is not to limit the food you eat, but simply change it. I think everyone who has an interest in nutrition has heard of the 6 meals a day theory. Most people agree that it sounds like a good idea, but then very few actually give it a go. Personally, I think it's a must for anyone wanting to lose weight.
Eating 5 or 6 small, balanced meals every day will get your metabolism burning calories like a furnace. It isn't always possible for some people, especially with work commitments, but just try eat something every 3-4 hours and you will be surprised at the results. Plan ahead!
So what should you eat then? Well below is a list of foods that I believe you can't go wrong with.
CARBOHYDRATES: (the good kind)
Brown Rice
Potatoes (especially sweet potato)
Whole Grain Cereals & breads.
Most Pasta - just look on the pack and make sure it says wholegrain!
Fresh fruit
Anything with the whole grain is good for you
Green vegetables or fibrous veg
Black eye peas
You can eat as much veg as you like.
Combining green veg with a good protein is like nature's fat loss wonder drug!
All these complex carbs are great for energy
Egg Whites
Most Fish & Shellfish (they also contain the essential fats)
Lean cuts of steak
Cottage Cheese (non fat)
Dairy products are a good source of protein. Just try and get the low fat kind.
These foods are great for building muscle.
You can also get low fat ham & sausages. I wouldn't class them as top grade protein, but they are fine for a bit of variation. The same goes for Beef and red meat. Eat it now and again for its nutritional benefits, like vitamin B-12 & iron, but try and find lean cuts, and keep portion sizes small.
I know the list isn't that big, but I'm just giving you the facts. If you want to lose weight and get lean - these are the foods that should be the building blocks of your diet. Throw in the odd indulgence day, maybe on the weekend. A day where you can eat anything you like! Just work twice as hard in the gym the next day ;)
For breakfast:
Chose from the dozens of whole grain cereals on the market.
Scrambled eggs (It is a good idea to remove the Yolkes every so often).
Meal 2
Wholegrain Toast,
Meal 3
Brown Rice,
Lean cuts of Turkey,
Veg (Green Beans)
Meal 4
Sweet Potato,
More Veg. Plenty to choose from
Meal 5
Jacket Potato,
If you can manage a 6th meal, try a combination of anything mentioned.
It sounds a lot, but lower your portions and you should be fine. The idea is not to be bloated after any meal. Build up to it if you have to.
Obviously this isn't a comprehensive guide. It's just my 2 penneth amidst all the confusion surrounding food these days. Combine this with visits to the gym and you will see dramatic results.
Good luck