Junk Food Facts - Why Eating Junk Food Just Isn't A Good Idea

If your diet consists mainly of junk foods, you are not feeling well. In order to feel your best, you need to provide your body nutritious foods on a daily basis. In order to sustain your health and protect your organs against diseases, you have to provide your body needed vitamins and minerals.
Your body depletes it's store of certain minerals daily and these minerals must be replced by the foods that you eat.
Most Americans derive 20% of the calories they eat from junk foods. Substituting nutritious fruits or vegetables, or even whole grain food items for sugary snacks would be a start toward a healthy eating plan. Carefully chosen healthy snacks can add to good dietary habits.
Most Americans are undernourished and feel tired, rundown, and depressed. Most adults are not functioning at their peak capacity. Fast food is the dinner of choice for most Americans. The busier our lives become, the harder it is to take the time to prepare healthy meals. The tighter our schedules, the harder it is to make healthy food choices--and stick to them.
Ten years ago the majority of money used to buy food in the United States was spent to prepare meals at home. Today over half of the money used to buy food is spent at restaurants -- mainly at fast food restaurants.
When we fail to eat the proper foods our bodies will start to break down. At some point, our nails, and hair start to lack the shine of youth. Our hair and nails may become weak and brittle. We may even start to develop skin problems.
Nutrients are substances that play a role in health. For example, vitamins and minerals are nutrients, as are fats, protein, and carbohydrates. Nutrients are in foods and can also come from dietary supplements.
"More than 30 percent of men and more than 40 percent of women take a multivitamin/mineral supplement. The doses provide 100 percent of the Daily Value (DV) of most nutrients are common in these supplements."... The Diabetes Association.
Nutrition experts agree that the best nutrients come from foods. Supplements supply some of the required Daily Nutritional Values, but real foods contain hundreds of beneficial naturally occurring substances that protect against chronic health problems.
If you have a choice between an orange or a vitamin C supplement, it is better to eat the orange.
It is important that you meet your recommended nutrient needs because they offer important benefits:
*Normal growth and development of children
*Promote Health for people of all ages
*Reduce risk for a number of chronic diseases
To ensure a healthy diet, there are certain foods in specific quantities that are required to achieve optimum health.
Adults need the following:
*Vitamins A, C, and E
Children and adolescents:
*Vitamin E
Specific population groups(i.e. Pregnant or nursing women) may require more vitamin B12, iron, folic acid, and vitamins E and D.
Changing our eating patterns may seem difficult at the beginning. But once we make the decision to eat healthier. Eating healthier can be as easy as using easy-to-make recipes to prepare some meals at home.
Easy quick nutritious meals can be prepared in about the same time that it takes to head out to the nearest fast-food place.
You can eat healthy on a budget or make better choices when we eat out. Changing eating habits is hard. Change is a step-by-step process. The trick is to make the decision to stop throwing our lives away putting junk into our bodies. The little things we do add up and make a big difference.