Natural Homemade Fruit Facials

Fruits are a treat by Mother Nature. They have a positive effect within our bodies when consumed as well as a nourishing effect on our skin when applied. A fruit facial mask is a simple, quick and inexpensive way of rejuvenating and hydrating your face. Besides being natural, homemade fruit facial masks are free from chemicals, perfumes, preservatives and other artificial supplements because you make them at home! Treat your skin with a moisturizing homemade fruit facial mask and protect your skin during the dry winter season.
Zesty Lemon Facial Mask
Lemon is rich in Vitamin C and is believed to be a naturally nourishing for our skin. Not only does it have the capacity of unclogging and tightening pores, lemon also helps in fading away age spots, freckles and acne scars leaving behind gorgeously soft and bright skin.
To Prepare: Mix together 2 tablespoons of flour, lemon juice and egg whites. Apply mixture to your freshly washed face. Leave the mask on for at least 20 minutes before washing it off with lukewarm water. Apply a moisturizer after washing off the mask.
Sweet Kiwi Facial Mask
Kiwi is rich in Vitamin A, E, C and citric acid making it helpful in the deep moisturizing of your skin and also increases your blood circulation. Kiwi also deep cleans your skin, washing off excessive oils and tightening pores. Nothing can be better than kiwi juice for your skin.
To Prepare: All you will need is 1 egg yolk, 1 tablespoon of kiwi juice and 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Mix the ingredients well and apply the mask to your face. Leave the mask on your face for about 10 to 15 minutes before wiping it off with a damp washcloth.
Tangy Tangerine Facial Mask
Tangerine works well with treating dry and flaky skin. Containing potential ingredients such as vitamin C, B, folate, magnesium, beta-carotene and potassium, tangerine helps in rejuvenating and hydrating your skin.
To Prepare: Hydrating your skin with tangerine is very simple and inexpensive. You need tangerine juice and an egg yolk. Mix these ingredients well and apply evenly on your facial skin. Leave the mask on your skin for about 30 minutes before washing it off with cold water. Find your skin flawlessly hydrated skin once the mask is washed off.
Banana Rose Facial Mask
Banana is a fruit rich zinc, iron, magnesium, potassium vitamin A, B and E. Banana works best as an anti-aging agent.
To prepare: Mix together a mashed banana, two tablespoons of oat flour and one table spoon of rose water. Blend all the ingredients well and apply on your face and your neck. After about 15 to 20 minutes wipe off the mask with a damp washcloth and then wash off any remaining mask with lukewarm water.
Not only are homemade fruit facial masks rich in vitamins, they are also pure, chemical-free, inexpensive and effective. Have fun making them at home and let Mother Nature take care of your skin.