Excellent 5 Skin Tag Home Remedies

Acrochordon, which are also known as skin tags, are benign in nature and can be see mostly in the folds of skin especially of armpits, groin and neck. There are many synonyms like cutaneous papilloma, soft fibroma, and cutaneous tag which are used to represent this disorder. Are you in search of an effective skin tag home remedy? If yes, read on as I am here to explain the best remedy to treat your illness.
o Immerse the area affected in warm water for about 30 minutes and then wipe it dry. Spread apple cider vinegar with the help of a cotton ball on the growth and leave it for around fifteen minutes. Clean the area after fifteen minutes and repeat the same procedure until the skin tag falls of.
o Plain potato has got immense curative properties and is an important skin tag home remedy. Take a fresh piece of potato and bind it to the part with the help of a bandage. The skin tag will turn black and fall off within a short period of time.
o Aspirin should be dissolved in water and applied on the growth which is beneficial in treating skin tag. Repeat the procedure till the size gets smaller and finally disappears from the surface of skin.
o Baking soda should be mixed with water and applied on the growth, which is a remarkable skin tags home remedy. You can also use this mixture of baking soda and castor oil to treat these growths. This is a definite skin tags home remedy and will cure the obstinate growths with ease.
o Dandelion roots are beneficial in treating skin tags. The juice of this plant is applied on the growth daily for a few weeks. You can see effective changes in the size of the skin tag which shows the action of the medicine.
Skin tags home remedy is the best and ideal method to remove these growths from your skin. Do not use conventional modes of treatment because it is harmful and can cause side effects.
There are many people who have obtained considerable relief using skin tag home remedy. I have treated my growths completely using these methods. It not only removed the growths but also added a glow to my skin.


I have used baking soda and water paste on a 3/4 inch gross black mole that looked like cancer and it starting falling off a little at a time. Until it was gone. I then put the baking soda and water paste on my husband moles and they started falling off! It's amazing. These were not tags these were big ugly moles. A natural cure! IT REALLY WORKS! SODA BICARBONATE / THAT IS BAKING SODA KILLS CANCER CELLS !!! It also stops heartburn! 1/2 to 1 teaspoon in 4 oz.or so of water drink it instant heartburn relief.

Thanks for the information... There are many home remedies to treating skin tags bur nothing works better than defense essential oils. :)

Tea tree oil is a potential remover of skin tags and warts. You need to first clean the area that have skin tag and apply drops of diluted tea tree oil to with the help of cotton ball. This will take few weeks to remove the tag completely.

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