Under Eye Bags - 5 Tips to Eliminate Them Forever

Do you have unsightly under eye bags? They make you look much older than your years, but you can get rid of them permanently, without surgery. Discover five tips in this article which will help.
In addition to making you look as if you're totally exhausted, dark marks and bags under your eyes are an indication that your health isn't up to par. Yes, you can get rid of your bags temporarily with surgery, but taking care of your health will remove the bags for good.
Here's how to take care of yourself so that your under eye bags gradually disappear.
1. Eat for Your Skin -- B Vitamins Help You Glow
Few people get sufficient B vitamins in their daily diet. One of the most important B vitamins when it comes to your skin is biotin, which is essential for the health of your skin, hair and nails. Eat more bananas and oatmeal to increase the quantity of biotin, so your body can repair skin damage.
Many creams are available which contain B vitamins: they add a glow to your skin, and they're good for you too -- but do remember that the best source of B vitamins is a good diet.
2. Less Alcohol, More Water
Alcohol dries out your skin. A night on the town and not enough water: result, instant under eye bags.
Water is vital to help your body to function efficiently, and it's easy to forget to drink plenty of water when you're out and about. Drink plenty of water so that toxins are flushed from your system: a bruised look under your eyes is a sign that your kidneys and liver need help.
3. Get More Sleep -- There's a Reason They Call It Beauty Sleep
Lack of sleep can also cause discoloring and bags under your eyes. Aim for at least seven hours of sleep a night. Your body conducts needed repairs as you sleep. If you don't get enough rest, more than your appearance will suffer.
4. Miracle Cure -- Green Tea Bags
Good food and plenty of rest will erase your under eye bags. But what if you want an instant fix? Here's one which works: green tea bags.
Save your green tea bags in the fridge. Before a night out, lie down for ten minutes with the cooled tea bags as a compress.
5. Is It Your Cosmetics? Go Fragrance-Free
The labels on many cosmetics read like a chemical factory's inventory. Who knows what those chemicals do to your skin, not to mention your health?
When you have under eye bags, your motto for cosmetics and skin care products should be: chemical and fragrance-free. Use natural skin care products until your bags have vanished!
Under Eye Bags - 5 Tips to Eliminate Them Forever