Feed Your Face - Natural Skin Care and Repair Treatments

Natural skin care means taking care of your skin by using natural ingredients including herbs, oils, flowers, roots and other pure ingredients. Many natural beauty care salons and spas focus on beauty care recipes to make remedies that can cure these problems.
Skin damage is basically caused when the epidermis is thick and is prone to chemical hazards or bacterial attacks. Skin is also damaged because of maximum exposure in the sun; change in weather conditions like extremely cold or hot also causes irritation and dryness.
Top cosmetic brands use cocoa butter in their daily care products for repair therapy. Different hand and body lotions, shampoos, creams, conditioners, balms and other essential oils heal you through moisture. Cocoa butter is pale, yellow in color with pure vegetable fat that is extracted from cocoa beans. By using Cocoa butter regularly, you can protect your skin from drying.
Many repair serums and nutrition supplements are recommended by doctors to improve and reduce repair process. Whether you are a man, woman, old or young, these repair and care issues apply. Obtaining a perfect care customized and modified solution can help your skin to glow naturally and make you outshine the crowd.
Top 7 Easy-To-Apply Tips for Natural Skin Care:
· Eat Healthy Food:
Healthy food is the utmost need of your body. Healthy and fatty food creates your body cells membranes, hormones and other necessary elements of your body. These fatty foods make your heart strong and prevent you from deadly diseases such as cancer. You should use fresh vegetables and fruits for naturally glowing skin.
· Skin Exfoliation:
Skin exfoliation is important to remove dead cells. It is very necessary for youthful, naturally glowing and healthy skin. Exfoliation also improves blood circulation and relaxes your nervous system.
· Hydration:
The texture of our skin is affected by our digestive system. Drinking water is the most effective way to control your digestive system. Taking 8 glass of water per day ease up the cleansing process of the cells.
· Stop Consuming Excessive Sugar:
Excessive sugar is also one of the major causes of these problems like aging, pigmentation, acne, damage and repair. The more sugar we consume, the more it will enter in our bloodstream. This condition can also result in glycogen and it can result in loss of elasticity and wrinkles and hence it will show sign of aging. Therefore it is better to consume less sugar in your day to day meals.
· Stay Active to Avoid Dullness:
Make your routine to walk around and reduce your stress level as well as acne, puffiness and bloating on your skin. Stretch your body muscles regularly by exercise, jogging, walking or attending a gym.
· Balance your Digestive System:
As it is believed that healthy skin indicates balanced digestive system. People who have imbalance digestive system have acne, stomach imbalance and other digestion problems. To balance your digestive system, drink plenty of water as it eliminates waste products and keep you fresh and healthy. Add fiber to your food as well to balance your nutritional diet.
· Avoid Sun UV Rays:
Sun UV rays are very dangerous for the skin so always protect yourself from sun rays when you go outside. UV rays may cause wrinkles, acne, dark spots and even skin cancer. Apply sunscreen lotion for better protection of your skin.
Coffee for Your Skin - Fight Skin Diseases by Increasing your Coffee Consumption
Caffeine has been considered to protect the skin by reducing puffiness, inflammation, dryness, and sun damage issues. Coffee also includes minerals like magnesium and chromium that help the human body to use insulin to control sugar in the blood. Researchers believe that three cups of caffeinated coffee a day can protect you against skin cancer. People who drink more coffee are 21 percent less likely to develop cancer cells as compared to people who drink less coffee. Daily care products made from coffee or caffeine provide natural moisture, remove dead skin and give radiant glow to your skin, making it smooth and silky.