Please! No More Lower Back Pain

Back pain symptoms can be as minor as a dull ache or as painful as a stabbing sensation. Injury, heavy lifting, and sleeping on a sagging mattress can all lead to back pain. This type of pain can make daily tasks and sleeping very uncomfortable and sometimes impossible.
What Causes Lower Back Pain?
It is difficult to pinpoint the cause of lower back problems. However, there are some common culprits to watch for:
  • Unsupportive, Sagging Mattress
  • Overzealous Workout
  • Heavy Lifting
  • Overstuffed Bags and Purses
  • Bad Posture
  • Spinal Problems or Herniated Discs
Treatment Options at Home
There are numerous treatment options you can easily try in your home. If you have a sagging mattress you can replace your sagging mattress or use a support system you insert under the sagging mattress. For dull pains you can try to relieve symptoms by taking a warm bath or cautiously applying a heating pad to the tender area.
Yoga helps prevent back pain but also helps relieve symptoms of lower back pain. Essential oils can also help relieve symptoms and can be used to prevent muscle strains in the lower back. Lie down on a non-sagging mattress and have your partner gently massage your lower back.
Other home prevention and treatment options are even simpler than replacing your sagging mattress. Lifting heavy objects with your legs rather than your back can make a big difference in preventing back pain.
Seeking Treatment from a Professional
Chiropractors and message therapists use various techniques developed to treat lower back pain. Some techniques include spinal manipulation, deep tissue massage, or acupressure. Studies have shown that massage therapy can help reduce symptoms of chronic lower back pain.
Acupuncture has worked for many to reduce symptoms of any back problems. Some also choose physical therapy to help strengthen muscles and educate on beneficial stretches and exercise routines that will relieve and prevent back pain. Professionals can direct you as to which treatment methods are best and may advise you to replace your sagging mattress and purchase a more supportive sleeping surface.
Pay attention to your body. Feel for signs of pain more often than you would check to see if you have a sagging mattress or not. If back problems persist or become worse after trying these treatment options you may choose to visit your physician and receive x-rays to ensure the spine is unharmed.
You have to care to your sleep, sleeping well is the basis of your day and could also even mean how you develop your day-to-day lifestyle with your success and failures too. Sleeping well will keep you in a good mood, and of course keeping you away from any inconvenience and pain that you might have.
Having the best mattress for lower back pain will keep you out to any problems that you might have because you are not sleeping well. Get the night sleep you deserve and the facts right.
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