Yeast Infection on Lips - How to Treat It

This article will discuss treatment to cure yeast infection on lips based on a real case of my friend. She has had to be on antibiotic therapy for a very serious infection for almost a year. She has been watching her yeast diet because she is sure she is loaded with systemic candida. However, one problem she needs to get rid of as soon as possible is the fact that she has a fungal infection on her lips.
It started at the corners of her mouth, and now her whole lip area is flaking. It will heal, then come right back. She hates to leave the house because her lips look so funny. She has tried putting acidophilous paste on them and that didn't work. So she wonders whether there are some kinds of antifungal, besides tea tree oil, that she can use. She can't eat anything acidic, because it worsens the problem.
My dentist told me to use athlete's foot medications. I did, and it worked, but I prefer tea tree oil myself, because I wondered about getting the stuff in my mouth. I've had very bad cracks at the corners of my mouth in the past, and they still crop up occasionally.
Alternatively, you might consider using oregano oil on it. You might have to dilute it with some other kind of oil, like olive oil, because it can be pretty caustic. I know it will make you smell like pasta, but it is anti-candida. As long as we're talking about pasta, you might also try garlic on it.
The last alternative is to take nystatin ointment. The fungal part will be going away. Your lips may be still peeling, but they will look a lot better.
Yeast Infection on Lips - How to Treat It