10 Common Mesothelioma Symptoms

Mesothelioma is a type of cancer that occurs when a person has been exposed to too much asbestos. What happens is the lining around the organs, (called the mesothelium), becomes afflicted by tumors, which will eventually spread to other parts of the body. Mesothelioma is a very serious disease that does not have a good prognosis. However, it is still important that a person at least know if they are suffering with the disease. With treatment they can at least have a better quality of life, even if the prognosis is not as good. So, if you experience any of the 10 common mesothelioma symptoms, get yourself checked out as soon as possible. For more information on the 10 common mesothelioma symptoms, check out the list below.
1. Pleural Effusion
First to be discussed in the list of them is pleural effusion. Pleural effusion is when too much fluid builds up in the lining of the lungs. As a result a person may experience chest pain and dyspenea, (which is defined as difficulty breathing).
2. Coughing Up Blood
Coughing up blood is probably one of the most alarming in the list of the 10 common mesothelioma symptoms. It may be accompanied by difficulty swallowing or hoarseness.
3. Horner's Syndrome
Horner's syndrome is a collection of abnormal symptoms such as the sinking in of an eyeball, droopy eyelids, abnormal pupil constriction, and anhidrosis, (which is a lack of sweating). These complications are a result of nerve paralysis.
4. Weight Loss
Many people may not think weight loss is one of the 10 common mesothelioma symptoms, but it can be for a lot of sufferers. If weight loss is unexplained and a person has any of the other symptoms listed here, they should go to a doctor.
5. Lumps
Lumps around the skin of a person's chest or abdomen is another poignant sign in the list of the 10 common mesothelioma symptoms. If you can't see these lumps, you should be able to feel them when you go to take a bath or a shower.
6. Dry Cough
When a mesothelioma sufferer has a dry cough, there will be no phlegm associated with
it. So, that right there should be an indication that the cough is not due to a cold.
7. Abdominal Swelling
If you have mesothelioma of the stomach lining, (also known as Peritoneal mesothelioma), you may have abdominal swelling severe enough that you may think you have actually gained weight. In reality the swelling is caused by the accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity.
8. Problems with Bowel Habits
Peritoneal mesothelioma can also cause you to have more bouts of diarrhea or constipation.
9. Aches and Pains throughout the Body
When mesothelioma metastasizes into other areas of the body, sufferers will experience complications from those organs as well. One of the most common complications is pain.
10. No Symptoms
Why would 'no symptoms' be in the list of the 10 common mesothelioma symptoms? Well, believe it or not, around 3 percent of all mesothelioma sufferers actually do not have the typical signs of the disease. If you believe you are in this category, and you are at high risk for the condition, (you are elderly and have been exposed to asbestos), discuss with your doctor getting checked out for the condition just to be on the safe side.
10 Common Mesothelioma Symptoms