10 Day Diet For Massive Weight Loss

Here's a "beyond simple" 10 day diet that achieves massive weight loss results. There's nothing extreme to this diet, you won't starve, and you'll have plenty of energy.
This is a great "10 day fix" to get some quick weight loss when necessary.
10 Day Diet For Massive Weight Loss
1. Eat eggs
On this diet, I want you to eat as many eggs as you want, whenever you want. It's as simple as that. Since eggs are high in protein and fill you up, they're perfect to eat all day long.
2. Backeye Peas
Blackeye peas are perfect for this diet because of their high protein and high fiber content. Lot of protein and lots of fiber help to keep your hunger under control. Just eat 1 can of blackeye peas... cost about 50 cents.
3. Chicken breasts
Chicken breasts are great because they're high in protein and have no fat or carbs. They work good with both eggs and blackeye peas to create a very high protein meal with some good fiber. Eat 1-2 chicken breasts each day on this diet.
4. Water packed tuna
Each can of water packed tuna has 33 grams of protein for just 60 cents. It's a good value. Since tuna is versatile, I like it a lot even though by itself I don't really like it's taste. But mixed into eggs or blackeye peas, they're doable. Eat 1-2 cans of tuna a day on this diet.
5. Dark grapes
Dark grapes are a superior choice for snacks since they're high in water content. Basically, you're eating water. It's a good and simple way to get a lot of water each day. Eat as many grapes as you want each day.
This is a simple, yet powerful, 10 day diet that leads to a massive weight loss each time you use it.
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10 Day Diet For Massive Weight Loss