How to Pass Kidney Stones Quickly - Before Surgery Try These Tips

Learn how to pass kidney stones quickly with these simple tips. Many sufferers are saving thousands of dollars in medical expenses by trying simple and effective kidney stone remedies. In this article, you will learn how to avoid surgery with 5 simple steps.
Passing Kidney Stones
Kidney stones can be exceptionally painful. But waiting for your stones to pass can be like watching paint dry. Don't wait any longer.
Pass kidney stones with simple tips that begin dissolving the calcium build up and flushing your body. This doesn't sound very complicated because it isn't complicated. Many natural health doctors believe that over 90% of all stones can be passed naturally.
Unfortunately, surgeons and most doctors do not recommend this because this could be a hefty financial loss to hospitals and doctors. Here are some tips you can begin tonight.
1. Drinking plenty of water is helpful. However, most people do not know that you should be drinking distilled water until your stone passes. Distilled water is free of any minerals that can actually add to the composition of the stone. You should also be drinking almost 1 gallon of water daily until it passes.
2. Eating plenty of vegetables is important too. Vegetables are rich in fiber which can also help with flushing the stone. You should try to avoid sugar and natural sugar which is present in fruits. I recommend eating at least 4-5 servings of vegetables daily.
3. Acidic remedies work to dissolve the calcium build up that makes up the stone(s). Some popular remedies have included supplementing vitamin C (also known as ascorbic acid) and also phosphoric acid remedies. Both of these could be effective.
4. Lemon juice or supplementing lemons is also popular. Many researchers believe that the citric acid in lemons can dissolve calcium. Because 90% of stones are made up of calcium, this could be your secret cure.
5. Fresh parsley has also been a popular remedy. Parsley is extremely rich in chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is an effective fiber that helps flush and cleanse the kidneys and other organs. You can also find fresh parsley at nearly ever grocery store.
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