Panic Attack Symptoms

Recognizing panic attack symptoms is key to treating this disorder. They can come seemingly out of nowhere and for no apparent reason. You can find lists of symptoms all over the Internet but here are a few of the most common ones-
• Shaking/Trembling
• Upset Stomach
• Breathing Difficulty - (Feel Smothered)
• Nausea, Dizziness, Feeling Lightheaded
• Chills/Hot Flashes
• Chest Pains
• Heart Palpitations
• Numbness or Tingling in Hands
• Dream-like Sensations
• Distortions of Perception
• Overwhelming Fear or Terror
• Feeling of Powerlessness
• Fear of Dying
There are a lot more than just these. However this gives you some idea of the power of these attacks and the many faces they can wear.
Facts About Panic Attack Symptoms
One fact is that knowing how long these attacks will last in hard to predict. They can last a short time or seem like an eternity. A typical attack goes for about ten minutes. During this time sufferers experience intense distress and many times believe they are having a heart attack.
If panic attacks happen to you often then it is said you have a 'panic disorder'. Anxiety about issues in your life suggests strong emotions in those specific areas.
Health Condition Contributors

You can also have a health condition that brings on your attacks. Anemia, certain medications, and thyroid disorders can bring on very intense anxiety.
People who take Ritalin, insulin, quinine, or go through corticosteroid withdrawals may also experience similar symptoms. If this describes you then medical treatment should be sought out immediately.
More researchers are looking into diet as a possible connection to panic attacks. They believe that many food additives such as 'aspartame' or food dyes may contribute to bringing on these horrifying attacks. They believe that removing these from your diet might help to stop panic attacks.
Treating This Type of Disorder
Refraining from alcohol or caffeine is recommended when trying to treat your panic attacks. Regular exercise is another way to help prevent or at least manage your attacks better. Some doctors recommend yoga, deep breathing, walking, massage therapy, aerobics, and doing them daily to combat this disorder.
Another popular and natural form of treatment is to use a hypnosis MP3 download. Each hypnosis track is specifically designed to combat a particular issue with panic attacks being one of the most commons things that people want to overcome. The ability to program the mind has proved to be a true help in many various aspects of life.
Panic Attack Symptoms