The benefits of Cod Liver Oil

Since time immemorial nature has provided us with bountiful gifts that have proven their usefulness for our body. As time progresses, there is a lot of research being carried out to find out the benefits of various natural ingredients. One such medicine that has proved its usefulness time and again is Cod liver oil, which is made from the extract of the cod fish.
Many people use this natural extract to cure themselves of their ills. There are a lot of benefits of this nutritional supplement, and thus, it is taken in many forms by people.
Some of the major benefits of cod liver oil are:
Get the benefits of Omega 3 and Vitamin D with Cod Liver Oil:
Omega 3 is a fatty acid that the body requires but cannot essentially produce thus making its intake very important for our body. Oily fish such as the cod fish are the best sources for this medicine. That is the reason why, the oil of the cod fish liver is taken as a nutritional supplement by many people around the world. Vitamin D is essentially required to build up on our immune system and to maintain our bones, muscles and our teeth. This oil contains Vitamin D in heaps and that is why, people who suffer from the problem of weak bones take this medicine.
Using Cod Liver Oil is recommended for all ages:
As it is a natural medicine, it does not have any chemicals like allopathic medicines do and hence, this medicine is universal to all ages. In young children, Cod Liver Oil is used as a medicine for curing cold and cough and building up immunity. Pregnant women take this medicine to regulate their blood flow and senior citizens use it to strengthen their bones. As long as it is taken in the prescribed doses, there is not really any danger from this medicine for anyone.
Available Universally:
This, being a natural remedy, is available at all your local drugstores. There are a lot of brands that cater to this market and you will find many brands selling this medicine. This is an over the counter drug which means that you do not require a prescription for this medicine. But despite this, it is always recommended that you confirm with your doctor before you go and consume this medicine. In hindsight, most doctors will themselves recommend this medicine to you.
Contains no mercury content:
When it comes to sea food, a lot of people are concerned about the mercury content present in it. Because of rising mercury contamination in water bodies, fishes have become very exposed to this risk. But when it comes to cod liver oil, there is a very precise and elaborate filtering process followed by a cleaning process which makes sure that the medicine is well within the required mercury limits. As it falls into the category of medicines, there are strict norms that manufactures have to follow, so the customer can know that they are completely safe.
These are some of the benefits of this wonderful natural suppository. Using cod liver oil on a daily basis can keep you healthy and happy!
Author: Susan Crasto
The benefits of Cod Liver Oil