Tips On Self Defense

The crime rate in our society is already at an all time high and doesn't look like changing any time soon.
Both males and females are now equally vulnerable as targets of physical violence and common crimes, being prepared to effectively protect yourself has never been more important than now.
Learning to minimize the chance of becoming a victim and learning the skills to defend yourself is not really that difficult, but there are a few things that everyone should take into consideration before heading out on the streets with an over confident view of how safe they are.
Self Defense Weapons
The sale of self defense weapons has sky rocketed in the past few years and in some states and countries has forced new laws to be passed banning certain items from sale or possession.
Carrying any sort of weapon (legal or non) can be a recipe for disaster for the following reasons.
• It gives the weapon holder over confidence and may cause them to enter a situation they would not normally.
• The weapon can be taken and used against you.
• The size or weight of the weapon causes you to have to carry it somewhere that is not easily accessed (Ever tried to find something quickly in a women's handbag!)
• The weapon is capable of malfunction (flat batteries in a personal alarm or Taser, run out of gas in pepper spray canister).
Self Defense Techniques
Any technique that is going to be effective when attacked on the street or by an aggressor in your home has to be an instinctive reaction that you don't have to think about.
Self defense techniques that are taught by most martial arts instructors or self professed security experts are either too complicated to remember when you need to, not effective in real life situations, or are not physically possible if you are attacked by someone bigger or stronger than you (little people usually don't attack big people).
Techniques that work great in a controlled environment when both parties know what is about to happen, is a little different to how it plays out on the street (real attackers don't let you "tap out" when it starts to hurt!)
Tips on Self Defense
Being aware of your surroundings, not placing yourself in danger, and feeling confident that you can protect yourself if necessary is still probably the biggest part of a self defense by not coming across as a victim, is probably the best tip of all, the second tip is to know for sure that the weapon you carry is not going to let you down, and when you learn techniques or moves that they are going to work out on the street.
Tips On Self Defense