How Google Glass Can Help Fight Autism

Google Glass is one of the latest devices that is creating ripples in the world of gadgets and technology. One of the most interesting twists or recent developments that intrigued medical researchers is this gadget's contribution in the field of autism. Recent reports state that people can benefit, especially the autistic kids, with the help of this glass. Are you wondering how the above statement got validated? Paul Louden is one of the most prominent figures as a Google Glass explorer, who suffers from the Asperger Syndrome. It is actually his quest to find out how his invention can help the victims of this disorder.
What is the Google Glass?
The Google Glass looks like an eyewear and it is an electronic device that can get connected with your Smartphone or Bluetooth. This gadget has a small camera, touchpad, display, microphone and a battery, attached neatly inside the narrow frame. The frame spreads from one ear to the other. It is easily wearable and is also very comfortable. Clearly, this gadget is here to stay because of the kind of comfort it provides to its users.
The Views of the Medical Researchers
Medical researchers grabbed the opportunity offered by Google Glass. This device works in ways that prove beneficial for the people suffering from disabilities like vision, hearing and mobility. Not just autism, but this gadget can also help in curing other health problems as well. In case of poor health conditions, this glass can help in curbing the effects, if not preventing it completely. It is a great find in the field of medical science, broadening the scope of the medical researchers to explore more.
Google Glass - Its Uses in the Field of Autism
Some researchers went a step forward in trying to incorporate the facial recognition software into the Google Glass. This software mainly assists the autistic people to easily find or even understand the emotions of people around them. With the help of the facial analytics, this Glass can scan the face. After the scanning is complete, it sends out signals whether the person finds you interesting or not. As signals, this device flashes different colored lights. These signals help autistic people understand whether they should continue a conversation or not
Another major problem among autistic people is their tendency to forget what they should do next. This device helps to remind them about their next course of action all the time. By doing so, this glass acts as a constant guide they need, till a time when these actions become a habit that no longer needs a reminder.
Final Thoughts
Google Glass is one of the latest advancements in the field of technology that managed to touch people from all walks of life. It is a revolutionary glass, especially for the disabled. Why is it so? This is because this device assures to either benefit or cure the autistic people in more ways than one.-By
How Google Glass Can Help Fight Autism