Easy Stretch Mark Removal - Top 3 Choices For Getting Rid of Stretch Marks!

There are several different methods that can be used to accomplish stretch mark removal including a variety of creams and lotions, massage and exfoliation of the skin. While none of these techniques guarantee fast results on their own, I promise that using a combination of them (and others) will!
1. Start Using Specialized Anti Stretch Mark Cream
There are a wide range of creams, gels and lotions available that can help in a natural and holistic manner. Many of the creams include ingredients like collagen and elastin that are produced naturally by the human body. Creams are also inexpensive compared to other treatment methods and they are safe and effective. Some of the ingredients that people should look for in a cream are high potency elastin, collagen, soy protein, aloe vera, squalene oil, vitamin A, vitamin D3, vitamin E and grape seed extract. Two top quality products (at least according to reviews) have been listed below.
  • Trilastin-SR: One of the most effective of the stretch mark removal creams is Trilastin. Many thousands of people have reported success at removing or reducing their stretch marks with this product. Included in this cream are soy protein, high potency elastin and collagen that make up a unique complex of structural proteins that can help to repair the skin. Trilastin is a very potent cream and consists of 100 percent rejuvenating amino acids.

  • Revitol: One of the most popular stretch mark removal creams on the market. This product is used both to reduce the appearance of existing stretch marks and to help prevent from occurring in the first place. The manufacturers recommend that the cream be used both during and post pregnancy in order to prevent the scars from showing. Revitol is made out of holistic and natural ingredients such as grape seed extract, vitamin E, vitamin D3, vitamin A, squalene oil and aloe vera gel. These ingredients can revitalize the skin and make it more elastic while promoting new skin cell growth.
2. Massage Treatments

Stretch mark removal without surgery is a definite possibility and many people have had very good success with combining massage techniques and exfoliation methods with various creams and lotions. Massage helps to increase circulation to the subcutaneous layer of fat under the skin. It also breaks down fat cells with pressure so that they can be flushed away along with skin damaging toxins. This not only improves the appearance of your skin, but it also helps to remove unwanted fat and inches.
3. Exfoliate Your Skin Regularly
Exfoliation of the skin -- done properly -- can have many of the same effects that are achieved by microdermabrasion or laser surgery. Exfoliating the skin removes a thin layer of the dead and damaged skin cells on the surface. Done regularly this will remove the stretch mark scars and promote new and healthy skin growth. After massaging and exfoliating the skin, a cream can also be used to nourish and lubricate the skin so that it is supple and flexible.By