Top Tips For Growing Long Nails

People have different opinions when it comes to long fingernails. There are some who appreciate long nails and some who do not. Often, women are the ones who get away with long nails. There are some who find it sexy and beautiful as long as the nails are clean. For women who are more comfortable with longer nails, you should know the proper nail care to follow. These are the secrets to having beautiful and well-kept nails.
Aloe vera is one thing that you can rely on for growing nails. In order to prevent you from biting your nails, a paste from this ingredient works effectively. Boil aloe leaves for a few minutes until a gel forms in the pan. You should apply this on your nails to keep them healthy. In addition to this, aloe vera does not taste good so if prevents you from biting your fingernails.
Diet is a big factor affecting the health of the nails. You should eat a complete diet with enough protein, vitamin A, folic acid, zinc, calcium and vitamin B12. While this may seem to be a long list, there is one type of food that you should consider - almonds. This is essential for nail care because almonds contains fatty acids which promote healthy nails. Eating at least 6 almonds per day will be beneficial for the nails.
Long nails have to be properly moisturized because it helps the nails grow stronger. Dry fingernails are very brittle and weak. This only causes the nails to break and chip easily. The best way to moisturize the finger-nails is by dipping it in olive oil for 15 minutes once a week. A daily routine that you can adopt is to apply fingernail moisturizer as often as you can.

In addition to breaking finger-nails, another fingernail care tip to consider is filing the nails. The fingernails must always be filed properly. The edges or corners of the nails must not be filed carelessly or else it may cause the nails to weaken. The fingernails will be more prone to chipping off if you file the nails in the wrong way.
Admit it, biting your nails may relieve you from all of your stress. But this can also be the number one cause for ugly nails. The more you bite, the more damage you cause to the nails. If you really want to perfectly grow your nails long, you should only cut your nails using a fingernail cutter. Unlike when you bite your nails, you are destroying the shape of your nails.
Up until now, people do not realize that their fingernails are a part of their body. They often mistake them for tools such as can openers, label removers and a lot more. Though it may be tempting to do this, exerting pressure on the nails can also cause the nails to break. This is a big no-no when it comes to the proper nail care.
Long nails look very beautiful on women's hands. If you want to start growing fingernails, then you should. Just make sure that you know the proper nail care for growing nails long. Just make sure that nails are clean and presentable to ensure that these will look clean all the time.By