Acne Prevention - 10 Tips to Help Prevent Acne

There are many ways out there that can help prevent acne from occurring. Acne can be prevented by means of diet, hygiene, skin care, and your surrounding environment.
Here are some simple tips that might be able to help you find a good way to prevent you from acne problems.
Tips #1: Monitor your diet to ensure that you have a healthy detoxing diet to remove unwanted toxins from your internal systems.
Tips #2: Take Multi-Vitamins daily to provide sufficient nutrition to your skin.
Tips #3: Take in food with Vitamin A as it helps protect your skin and prevents acne. Vitamin A also helps reducing sebum production
Tips #4: Ensure that you use proper make-up remover and remove your make-up thoroughly before washing your face.
Tips #5: Wash your face at least twice a day with suitable cleanser based on your skin type. Do not wash your face too frequently as it will cause irritation to the skin.
Tips #6: Drink enough water daily, at least 6-8 glasses to hydrate and clean your skin.
Tips #7: Protect your skin with oil free sunscreen products with at least a SPF 15. Apply it once in the morning before you leave, once after your lunch and once in the evening if you are staying outdoor the whole day. Applying sunscreen only in the morning won't last you throughout the day. Also use sufficient amount to ensure proper protection.
Tips #8: Take in plenty of fruits and vegetables in your daily diet.
Tips #9: Learn to relax when you are stressed as stress will result in hormonal changes which will in turn cause outbreaks of pimples and acne.
Tips #10: Do not try popping your pimples; it will only make it worse.