How to Remove Acne and Black Spots From Your Face

If you have acne breakouts then you must be looking for a method to get rid of your acne fast. You would be amazed to know some simple changes you can make to remove your pimple, blackheads and whiteheads.
Firstly so must know how to wash your face. It may seem like something too simple to mention but there are lots of persons who don't know how to wash their face or what to use to wash their face. Should only wash your face twice a day or if you have extremely oily skin a few more times. If you wash your face too much or to hard you can irritate your acne and make it worse.
You should use a cleanser containing Benzoyl Peroxide.
This contains antibacterial properties to kill the acne causing bacteria. It will also exfoliate the skin and prevent it from drying out. Benzoyl peroxide can cause irritation, especially when you first start using it. So use a product that contains only 2.5% or 5% or benzoyl peroxide. Many users find that, over time, a lower percentage is just as effective as using a higher dose, and without the skin irritation.
Do Not Attempt To Pop your Pimples
Popping your pimples is never recommended. This is because you can cause your acne to become worse by introducing more dirt particles along with bacteria that will further clog the pores.
Change Your Bedding Regularly
Whenever you sleep you will sweat and shed dead cells that will lodge into your bedding. To prevent these dirt and bacteria from coming back unto your skin, you need to use a clean set of bedding everyday.
Apply Castor Oil To Your Pimples
Castor oil has been use as a medicine for many years. If you just apply a little to your acne pimples overnight it will clear your pimples. Using castor oil to treat your pimples on a regular basis will also reduce pigmentation and get rid of your acne scars overtime.