The Queen of Fruits - Mangosteen Fruit

Southeast Asia for the longest time has revered Mangosteen for the unique flavor it has as well as the suggestion that it can actually promote good health. The most amazing thing about this fruit is that the entire fruit is used especially, the rind which is xanthone packed. It acquired the name "the queen of fruits" as a result of Queen Victoria fetish for the fruit. She would offer knighthood to anyone who managed to bring the fruit to her in its prime condition. However, no one ever succeeded because of preservation issues considering the long journey the fruit had to take. The admirable quest of the queen gave this fruit this title and it has stuck to date. The fruit is now grown in different parts of the world and it is gaining popularity.
The Mangosteen Fruit Juice
The mangosteen fruit is usually eaten as a fruit for dessert. It is also made into jams which can be enjoyed with different kinds of breads and foods too. The one thing that is becoming too popular, however is mangosteen juice. There is a health drink known as xango juice and one that has created a whole new way of enjoying the fruit. The juice is not only made to be enjoyed, but also as a supplement. The fruit is packed with lots of minerals, compounds and nutrients hence the reason as to why it used to make the juices. Besides enjoying the popular xango juice, individuals can also make their own juice at home using this fruit.

To make delicious mangosteen juice that you can enjoy at home, you will need
  • 2 pieces of the fruit
  • Honey
  • 200ml of water
  • Sugar (optional)
Start by choosing the best mangosteen fruits that you can find. They should be ripe enough and free from any dirt. Clean the fruits in readiness for the juice preparation. Make sure that the fruit is well cleaned before opening it. You can easily use a knife to open the fruit to reach to the flesh inside it. Remove the contents inside the fruit. This should be done with care to make sure that the outer skin does not come in contact with the fruit flesh. This is because it can be very bitter and can give the juice a taste that is not too pleasant. Take the mangosteen fruit peel and the contents inside into a blender before then adding a little honey, water and some sugar. The sugar is however optional; it will be better to blend the juice without the sugar. Blend the content until you have a smooth beverage. You can then enjoy your juice with meals or at any other given time of the day where a refreshing drink is needed.
The mangosteen fruit is a delicious fruit with a taste that is simply unique. It is tasty and can be enjoyed in lots of different ways. It is a tropical fruit with useful rind, fruit juice, fruit, bark and twig.