5 Essential Steps to Remove Ingrown Nose Hair Safely and Effectively

All of us have at one stage or another suffered from an ingrown nose hair. Ingrown and ingrown nose hair can be an embarrassing, annoying and painful subject. Ingrown hair is caused by skin suffering from a lack of moisture. Other factors which can also contribute to ingrown hair are: Embedded oil in the hair follicles and the built-up of dead skin cells in the pores. Coarse curly hair growing in a curved hair follicle can also be a culprit and can cause ingrown hair.
There are a few effects of ingrown hair including constant swelling and tenderness. Inflammation can result. You can also experience itching or tingling and have mild or severe pain. An infected ingrown hair can rupture and results in bleeding.
How to remove ingrown nose hair safely and effectively
An ingrown nose follicle is not easy to treat or remove. The nose area is a bit small and it's difficult to see inside your nostril. Follow these easy steps and you'll soon be rid of this nasty little fellow.
1. First dab a clean, disinfected cloth in as hot as you can handle water.
2. Gently rub the cloth over the infected area to soften and open up the hair follicle.
3. Then apply a little pressure and pinch the area slightly.
4. When the ingrown hair and ugly stuff are removed, disinfect the area with a mild disinfectant.
5. If you can see a hair sticking out, you can use a tweezers to gently pluck the hair out. Use tweezers carefully around your nostrils and proceed with caution.
Always use a good quality stainless steel tweezers. Treat the nose are with sensitivity and you'll soon be free from ingrown nose hair.