Premature Hair Graying Treatment

Meaning of premature hair graying
In general, white people's hair start going gray when they are in mid 30s. Asians start going gray in late 30s while African-Americans start going gray in mid 40s. At least half of all populaces show considerable amounts of gray hair by the time they hit 50.
White people are regarded to have gone gray untimely if their hair turns gray in their 20s while African-Americans are regarded to be prematurely gray if their hair turns gray before they hit 30.
Causes of premature hair graying
Anxiety, inadequate nutrition, worry and stress lead to premature hair graying. The graying of hair on individuals after attaining 30 and 40 years on white people and black Americans respectively is considered normal. However, when graying begins in earlier stages of life, the affected persons should consider seeking treatment.
Usually, going gray doesn't mean that you are suffering from a medical condition, except in rare circumstances. While scientists have not identified the specific reasons why people go gray prematurely, genes play a huge role. Another known cause is the deficiency of vitamin B-12 as well as problems in the thyroid or pituitary gland. Premature graying due to problems with the thyroid gland is reversible when the issue is corrected. Other causes for hair turning gray include; the cells that give hair its color ceasing to produce pigment. Also, hydrogen peroxide that occurs naturally may concentrate in the hair and bleach the color.

Options for treating premature hair graying
There are many options for people who want to hide gray hair. These options include:
• Semi-permanent color
The color lasts for several weeks and is the best option for people who are just beginning to realize gray hair. If you have not lost much of your natural hair color, this option is best for you. The method does not require you to take away your beautiful natural hair color. You will blend the graying hair with what is already good-looking and natural.
• Permanent color
Permanent color is appropriate for persons who have between 45% and 50% hair gray. Some people prefer to make a statement by leaving a bit of gray hair around their faces.
• Highlights
Persons with gray hair get scattered strands lightened to blend gray hair with the other natural hair.
• Hair products
There are instances when persons with gray hair do not want to dye it, yet they still want to hide the gray. Hair coloring products come in handy in such instances. You can use the spray-on airbrush makeup that washes out using a shampoo.
Lifestyle advice on preventing early hair graying
• Avoid the application of chemical products on your hair. Instead, use shampoos and herbal oils.
• Shun the consumption of Pitta Dosha aggravating foods such as heavy, oily and spicy foods, and also coffee and tea.
• Increase the consumption of fresh leafy vegetables, fresh fruits and vegetable juice that is prepared from alfalfa, carrot, lettuce and capsicum.
• Shun refined foods, junk food, refined sugar, as well as carbonated and alcoholic drinks.