The Best Herbal Remedies For Halitosis

Halitosis, or "bad breath" as it is more commonly known, is one of the downside of having a diet that is based on eating meat and dairy products, especially since these types of foods can create a stench that is rooted from the excreta or matter that has been putrefying in the colon, causing a person to have a very unpleasant odor manifest from his alimentary canal. This can become an embarrassing condition to have, especially if you interact with people almost everyday, causing some very awkward moments. Having bad breath can be very unpleasant at times, fortunately, this type of condition can be remedied through different treatments, one of which involves the use of herbal remedies.
Unknown to a lot of people, there are actually a lot of different herbal remedies that can help fight bad breath or halitosis, some of which have been passed down from one culture to another through folklore, or even through new discoveries today. These different herbal remedies can offer people who suffer from halitosis either a natural short term breath freshener or long term treatment for the condition. Either way, it can greatly improve the quality of odor that is coming out of your mouth.
Halitosis Herbal Remedies
One of the more popular types of herbal remedies for halitosis is the chlorophyll treatment, which actually serves as a natural breath freshener. Most of coniferous green vegetables contain chlorophyll, which means that most green vegetables or plants that you can eat can actually help prevent bad breath. This means that you may have to change your diet by including a lot of green vegetables into the mix if you want to avoid having a skunk breath. Parsley is one of the best ways to help freshen your breath, and it does so in little time only. The excretion that can be taken from this plant is also considered to be more potent as compared to just eating the plant.
Another plant that basically offers the same relief from bad breath is cilantro, which can also be juiced to get a more potent dose of breath freshener. Mint, which pretty much helps freshen your breath as well, leaves a minty fresh taste in your mouth after it leaves it smelling fresh. Again, this type of herbal remedy can be eaten, but its most potent effects can be achieved when it is juiced, giving you a minty fresh breath after you have consumed it, giving you an effective relief from halitosis. Other green vegetables that help you achieve this effect include spinach, alfalfa, wheat and barley grass.
Other herbs are used to clean the colon, which can help eradicate your bad breath, especially since the bad breath can emanate from the foods, such as meat and dairy products, that you have consumed which are being digested in your colon. Herbs such as aloe vera resin, senna leaves, cascara sagrada, trifala, rhubarb, and many others can help fight bad breath by evacuating the bowels, thereby cleansing the colon.
Aromatic herbal teas such as cinnamon, peppermint, ginger and cardamom can also help prevent halitosis since they can help in the entire digestion process, making it easier to digest food in the colon instead of just letting undigested food sit and rot there.