How to End Sugar Addiction - Detox From Junk Food

I commit to removing sugar and flour products from my diet, starting immediately.
There is no doubt in my mind that making changes to my food in this way impacts my life, energy, mood, mental acuity and relationships- not to mention my own wellness and well being, more than any other choice I can make. I've done it before, and the results are dramatic and worth it.
The first few days of making these changes can be a bit of a shock- depending on how much processed or sugary foods you've been eating (and this time of year, it could be on the over-the-top-end of the spectrum, ugh..) will impact your experience, plus your own individual chemistry.
If you really want to succeed at something like this, which is absolutely akin to detoxing from other substance addictions- although I know some medical professionals will disagree- you must create space for the experience.
Here's a checklist of a few things to help support you if you want to get the sugar/flour/processed carbs out:
  • Set your intention- get clear on the parameters of what you will change
  • Ready your environment, either removing or adding things to support you (get rid of triggery foods, and make sure you have the makings for satisfying meals and snacks readily available)
  • Make time for the transition- i like to make sure I have a few days that will be less busy or challenging so I can afford to nap, or rest. You may feel tired, cranky, low energy, headachey or just a bit lost as you navigate your life without your favorite "drugs". We use sugar and such to change our moods and to divert us from painful thoughts and feelings, so prepared to feel a bit lost around this.
  • Prepare some alternative forms of comfort- I love to read, meditate, walk, and other quiet pastimes in place of self-soothing driven eating. Think about how to get yourself through the first 4-5 days which are typically where you will most feel any physical discomfort.
  • Nourish yourself- add some fruit to your meals and snacks, the natural sugars will help a lot.
  • Avoid overcompensating via caffeine- it's a bad trade, you'll feel more irritable- drink lots of water to flush out your system.
  • Get some crunch in- crunching raw vegetables will soothe some of the anxiety you feel, get the tension in your body out through your jaws, it helps.
  • Know that "this too shall pass" - although you can feel more tired and sluggish for weeks after removing the sugar/flour, overall you will notice ways in which you feel a lot better, relatively quickly, after several days usually.
  • Be extra kind to yourself- no perfectionism on other things, only focus on the task at hand. If you bring too many changes into the mix, kapow you're going to be overwhelmed and discouraged and your good intentions will probably fail. You don't have to let this happen.
  • Protect your intentions- MOST important. Don't necessarily talk to others about this. I have found that virtually everyone has an opinion, and often people LOVE to argue debate about what others eat. It's annoying, none of their business, and can provide you with an easy "out" at a vulnerable moment when you decide, "hmmm, they're right, you do need sugar for a happy and normal life". Trust me on this, protect yourself by keeping your intentions sacred and to yourself. Avoid situations that will be too much to handle in the vulnerable early weeks... this makes all the difference, and you deserve to protect what is meaningful for you.
I love to help people get off the foods they feel addicted to- watching you become brighter and shinier and less encumbered physically and every other way, is part of this work that I adore.
You can even talk to me online now- see the little icon on my home page. I also have lots of new options for us to work together this year- maybe try an intuitive inspiration session with me as a way to get going on all of your wishes for this year.
So Happy New Year- I hope it's the best and that you are ready to create everything that is part of your Divine Inheritance. If I can help, just let me know.
Love and every blessing,